Spotcycle adds Seattle’s new Pronto Cycle Share to its bike share city lineup

In anticipation of Pronto Cycle Share’s launch this upcoming Monday, we’ve added Seattle’s new bike share to Spotcycle today.

Emerald City’s new bike share scheme will kick off with 500 bikes across 50 stations that will link the University District, Eastlake, South Lake Union, Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square, the International District, Capitol Hill and First Hill in Seattle. Pronto will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round for anyone looking to get around the Puget Sound area quickly and conveniently on two wheels.

As this is a transparent update, there’s no need to download anything new if you already have Spotcycle installed on your mobile device.

However, if you’re not already in the know, you can always download Spotcycle for free for iOS and Android devices!

Happy Pronto ride!

Photo “Seattle Sunrise” by Cedward Brice from Flickr. Used under CC BY 3.0

Photo “Seattle Sunrise” by Cedward Brice from Flickr. Used under CC BY 3.0

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Vote for Spotcycle for the Sustainia Community Award

We’re extremely proud to announce that Spotcycle has been named one of the ten finalists for the international Sustainia Award that honours exceptional innovations working towards building a sustainable future.

Earlier this year, Spotcycle was nominated in the Transportation category.

Now that Spotcycle has made the Sustainia Award shortlist, we need people to vote for us – people like you! Voting opened September 24th and will continue until October 23rd, 2014.

Help us take the top spot by voting for Spotcycle here.

The winners of the Sustainia Award are selected by the Sustainia Award Committee, which includes former Governor of California Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The awards will be handed out at a gala in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 30th 2014.

It is an honour to be singled out among the fantastic innovations in sustainability from many countries around the world. We feel great pride to be in the company of these contributors to a sustainable and sound future!

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Introducing the Spotcycle Lab app, our next-gen reboot of Spotcycle

The much-anticipated release of our Spotcycle Lab bike share app is finally here! The Spotcycle Lab project is a reboot of Spotcycle™ and created as the sandbox in which you can try out new features we develop (as well as features you ask to see), with the goal of creating the ultimate bike share app. With a built-in feedback feature, Spotcycle Lab provides a platform that makes it easy for you to send us your comments.

In addition to the classic Spotcycle station status functionalities, Spotcycle Lab includes new unique features including:

  • Reality+™, our own augmented reality overlay for locating bike stations in live view
  • Station clustering to make it easier to locate stations and bikes in a general area
  • A more user-friendly and unified navigation

As with all our Spotcycle products, you can download Spotcycle Lab (v.1.0) for Android and iOS devices for free.

Spotcycle Lab builds on our Spotcycle platform and is our take on a user-driven bike share app. It will be the ongoing developmental playground in which we’ll test out new potential features for Spotcycle. Based on your positive feedback for these features, some of them might eventually make their way to Spotcycle. In other words, Spotcycle Lab will be an ongoing project responsive to user feedback.

Spotcycle Lab and Spotcycle will remain as separate applications. As we’ll be introducing more avant garde features to Spotcycle Lab that might appeal to some users, other users might prefer the classic Spotcycle application for their daily bike share needs.

Check out the full list of features, supported devices and bike share schemes on the Spotcycle web page. Feel free to let us know what you think!

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Spotcycle updates its support for Bike Share Toronto, TDot’s rebooted bike share scheme

Toronto’s renewed bike share system is now called Bike Share Toronto and we’ve updated our Spotcycle data with the latest from the scheme.

Besides a brand spanking new name, logo and new pricing, Bike Share Toronto will run pretty much the same as before when it was known as BIXI Toronto.

Be sure to use Spotcycle to check up on the latest bike station statuses in Toronto and for all your day-to-day bike share needs!

Bike Share Toronto logo

Bike Share Toronto's logo

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Working on restoring B-Cycle data to Spotcycle

We’d like to offer our sincerest apologies to our B-Cycle bike share users while we are working out the temporary kinks with the data.

We’re actively working with the folks at B-Cycle to get their data back up and running on Spotcycle so please bear with us while we do. We want to make sure our B-Cycle bike share users are not left in the lurch for any extended length of time.

Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter @Spotcycle to stay in the loop.

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